Kendall, Florida, is a suburb located in Miami-Dade County and is a short drive from popular tourist destinations like Miami Beach. It is a uniquely placed city between the Everglades and beaches but attracts residents from all over the world to live. Although it is not considered a tourist city, the area has seen a population boom in recent years, which has brought in thousands of new full-time people in the area. 

While most of us look at Miami as a white-sand paradise, others know it by its dark reputation of cocaine and drug trafficking. Those in the area are known to indulge in the drug to fuel their parties. Alcohol and cocaine are commonly used together to counteract the effects and produce euphoria. For some, consuming alcohol on the weekends will stay that way, but others may fall into the trap of addiction and develop a chemical dependence on the drug. 

Those who spiral out of control and start using alcohol on more than just social occasions will likely need to enter alcohol rehab. Fortunately, for those living in Kendall, they are close to more than just the beach. Treatment facilities in the area are among the best in the world, and the year-round sunshine only adds to the allure of getting help in or near Kendall.

Addiction treatment has evolved over the years, and many facilities in Kendall offer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), which can help individuals struggling with alcohol or opioid abuse. Drugs like Naltrexone have been proven effective in treating alcohol addiction, but you must speak with your primary care physician or a treatment center specialist to determine if the medication is right for you.

If you’ve established residence in Kendall or you’re interested in visiting the area for treatment, it’s important to read on and learn more information and statistics about the area. We understand that accepting treatment is never easy, but it will change your life. 

Kendall Alcohol Rehab Statistics

The community of Kendall continues to grow due to new jobs coming to the area. Organizations such as Miami-Dade Matters show that with a growing population, the number of people abusing alcohol has also risen. Drug and alcohol poisoning has become a topic of concern for the youth, and the organization notes that 8.3 percent of teens in Miami-Dade County binge drink in high school. 


Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances on earth, and many people mix it with other substances. Sometimes this act is done on accident, but in most cases, it’s an intentional act to boost the effects of both alcohol and the other substance of abuse. This is extremely dangerous, and in many cases, it can kill the person. 

As we described above, alcohol and cocaine are routinely mixed to counteract the drowsy effects of alcohol to keep the party rolling. Since you will not experience the strong effects of alcohol, it may propel the user to drink more, which can lead to alcohol poisoning. 

Florida’s Alcohol Rehab History And Rankings

Florida has an extensive history of providing top-notch treatment. The warm climate offers a subtle atmosphere making it easier for someone to stop using drugs.

Although the environment is what brings the clients, the level of care is what keeps them in the area.

Florida is known for creating a stepped approach to treatment that has helped hundreds of thousands get the help they need.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a disease that we continue to find new information all the time. It is complex and requires help to overcome. It is diagnosed as a severe substance use disorder, and despite a person’s best efforts, it can be deadly when not cared for properly. 

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