Miami is considered one of the world’s largest tourist destinations because of its white-sand beaches and 24-hour nightlife. The city is also known because of Miami Vice, and unfortunately, it has become notorious for cocaine and alcohol consumption to fire up its wild nightlife. Either way, Miami is a unique town located almost as far south in the United States as geographically possible. 

Miami is rich in Latin American and Cuban heritage due to its proximity to South America and Cuba. The city has seen a boom in the past several years due to its low taxes and year-round sunshine, which has attracted tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of new full-time residents. While it may be good for the local economy, it brings a less discussed set of issues.

When you pull the thin veil back and look beyond the Cuban restaurants and salsa dancing in Calle Ocho, Miami possesses a dark secret of drug and alcohol consumption. While cocaine has always been highly desirable because of its easy access, the use of alcohol has risen exponentially. The population boom and easy access to drugs are causing a perfect storm for addiction. As the population continues to increase, the necessity for drug and alcohol rehab services in Miami will increase. 

Although Miami is notorious for late-night parties and sunshine, it is home to some of the best drug and alcohol rehabs in the country. Facilities in the area have embraced Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to treat opioid abuse, which has been life-saving in some cases. 

If you’ve recently become a member of the Miami community or considering moving here, it’s important to learn about alcohol rehab in the area. We understand that admitting to a problem and getting help is difficult, and we want to be here to offer you all the support you could ever need.

Miami Alcohol Rehab Statistics

As populations grow, alcohol abuse grows, which is evident through statistics released by the organization Miami-Dade Matters. Unfortunately, the area is not immune to such problems, and alcohol use is prevalent in the area. Drug and alcohol poisoning is a serious issue, and the reports show the problem starts young – an estimated 8.3 percent of teens binge drink in high school. 

Substances Commonly Abused With Alcohol

Alcohol is routinely mixed with other drugs, and sometimes this is by accident, but, in some cases, it is done intentionally. Not only is it dangerous to do this, but it can be fatal. Alcohol and cocaine are commonly mixed, and the stimulant drug counteracts the drowsiness caused by alcohol, and the alcohol reduces the adverse effects of cocaine.

It may lead to people using higher doses of cocaine or drinking more because they aren’t affected by the drugs, which can lead to a deadly overdose. 

Alcohol and depressants are also commonly mixed, which can potentiate the effects on the nervous system causing stronger effects than if the drugs were used alone.

It’s important to remember that if you are experiencing an overdose to call 911 immediately. 

Florida’s Alcohol Rehab History and Rankings

Florida has been long known as the hub for addiction treatment. The year-round warm climate is ideal for bringing in a large crowd, but the quality of alcohol rehab causes them to stay. The Florida Model is a stepped approach to treatment that has helped hundreds of thousands of people get well for decades.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is considered a complex disease by many characterized by compulsive drug or alcohol use, no matter the consequences. Doctors diagnose it as a severe substance use disorder, and in most cases, require addiction treatment to overcome.

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