Success Stories Show Addiction Recovery Is Possible

With people across the country succumbing to an opioid use disorder, it is easy to become despondent. After all, upward of a hundred Americans experience a fatal overdose daily. When we do hear promising stories in the news about the opioid addiction epidemic, it is usually about one of two things, either new legislation is passed to address the epidemic by way of treatment and prevention, or expanded naloxone access.

By and large, however, most coverage about the epidemic is focused on the sheer tragedy of it all. Millions of Americans are addicted to opioids. Thousands are dying each year and the price of the life-saving opioid overdose reversal drug keeps going in one direction—up. Of late, there are concerns over how an Affordable Care Act repeal and/or replacement might keep countless of Americans from accessing addiction treatment. This is a real concern since recovery centers are gateways to programs of addiction recovery.

In many parts of the country, young adults and beyond find it extremely difficult to access treatment. They feel forced to continue using or go through serious withdrawal without assistance, which exponentially increases one’s risk of relapse. While some people do manage to make it through to the other side of acute withdrawal on their own and begin a program of recovery, such cases are limited. It is for those reasons that expanding access to treatment and encouraging addicts to seek it is so paramount. Sadly, there are many Americans who believe that they will die in the grips of addiction. And this is a belief that needs to be altered.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible

If Americans living in the cycle of addiction are constantly bombarded by stories of despair then, they may not believe recovery is possible, which is reasonable but not accurate. In fact, every day millions of Americans make a daily commitment to work a program of addiction recovery. If you are addicted to opioids and are actively using, rest assured, many of those same people were once in your shoes, believing that there were no good options to free themselves from the grip of these dangerous and addictive substances.

At Family Recovery Specialists (FRS) we have helped a significant number of opioid addicted individuals start on the road to addiction recovery. Many of these individuals are still clean and sober years later. We know that recovery is possible, as much as it is necessary for turning the tide of this deadly epidemic. And our alumni are some of the many people in this country who have been able to turn their lives around through a program of recovery. To be sure, most of the news about the epidemic is dismal, yet if you look closely you can find inspiring stories of addiction recovery. Please take a moment to watch a short NBC News video of one man’s recovery story of success, by clicking here.

This is just one of many stories that started with opioid despair, and now is one of hope and renewal. Perhaps it will inspire you to seek help. Many other stories of success and inspiration can be found around the country. Manny Mendez and Vic James are artists who have overcome addiction and are now in recovery. They are dedicated to using the gifts they have received to end the stigma of addiction and encourage others to seek help through the expression of art. They will be hosting the first annual Art of Recovery Film Festival located in downtown Lake Worth, Florida July 7 through the 9th. Perhaps you can attend.

Addiction Treatment

FRS is available to help you or someone you may care about get on the road to addiction recovery. It is a difficult task, but with the right direction and support, recovery is possible. Please give us a call today. We can help break the cycle of addiction and teach you how it is possible to live a life free from drugs and alcohol.

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