Underage Drinking: How Alcohol Treatment Can Help

Parents and loved ones requesting the alcohol abuse treatment in Florida of Family Recovery Specialists are all too familiar with the peril of underage drinking, including the effect that it can have on a young person’s life chances and development. They may therefore wish to better familiarize themselves with the reasons for young people drinking too much, and what the consequences can be.

There is no question that underage drinking has become a major public health problem in the United States. It contributes to the deaths of around 5,000 young people under 21 every year, including 1,900 deaths in motor vehicle crashes. Homicides account for approximately 1,600 of these deaths, with 300 dying from suicide – to say nothing of the hundreds of drinking-related deaths from such injuries as falls, drownings and burns.

Such figures, as regularly emerge from nationwide surveys in addition to studies of smaller populations, show just how widespread a problem underage drinking remains in this country, necessitating appropriate alcohol abuse treatment in Florida. The 2005 Monitoring the Future (MTF) study of U.S. youth found that alcohol had been consumed by three-fourths of 12th graders, over two-thirds of 10th graders and around two in every five 8th graders.

The study also showed increasingly widespread binge drinking with age, as other research has shown the increasingly young ages at which many adolescents first drink. Whereas the average age of first use of alcohol was about 17 1/2 in 1965, this had become about 14 by 2003 bioglo clearpore. Even more worrying for many parents to have requested alcohol abuse treatment in Florida is other research suggesting that with more frequent adolescent drinking, comes a greater tendency to engage in other harmful behaviors. These include the use of other drugs like marijuana and cocaine and having sex with six or more partners.

Also of interest to many of those to have enquired about alcohol abuse treatment in Florida will be the extensive past research on why adolescents drink. Such reasons include a propensity towards risk-taking brought on by adolescents’ changing brains, as well as sensitivity and tolerance to alcohol, personality changes, hereditary factors and environmental factors – including the media and the influence of parents and peers.

Whatever the causes of adolescent drinking, once they start, they can be exposed to various health risks. Scientists are only just beginning to gain a true insight into the complex and subtle effects that alcohol use can have on the young person’s developing brain. Some adolescents drinking alcohol have also been known to have elevated liver enzymes, indicating some degree of liver damage. Drinking alcohol prior to or during puberty – a period of rapid growth and development – may also negatively impact on the hormonal balance that is critical to the normal development of organs, muscles and bones.

All in all, there is little doubt about the very real causes and risks of adolescent drinking – as well as the associated need for the highest standard of alcohol abuse treatment in Florida.

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