Colorado Cannabis To Florida Shores

November is right around the corner, roughly four months away; marijuana is on the mind of a number of Americans—especially in states poised to vote on both recreational and medical marijuana legislation. There are now 25 states and the District of Columbia with medical cannabis programs and four states where it is legal for adults to use marijuana recreationally. By and large, marijuana is considered by many to be a benign drug—no worse than alcohol or tobacco for example—which is why a large number of Americans are in favor of legalization.

Naturally, there are numerous points of contention regarding marijuana. In states opposed to loosening marijuana laws, they have begun to see an influx of cannabis originating in states where cultivation is legal—from Colorado in particular.

Rocky Mountain High

The state of Florida is no stranger to the importation of drugs, being on the frontlines of the cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s. While cocaine demand seems to have leveled off, the market for high-grade marijuana in Florida is huge, and it does not stand alone. The South has never been friendly to marijuana which means that it is harder to come by quality marijuana, people will pay significantly more for marijuana in the southeast than in Colorado.

Every day, huge quantities of cannabis hit the road from marijuana friendly states to the South where a pound will command a much higher price. Now, people are moving to Colorado from Florida to start cultivation operations, with the sole purpose of transporting the marijuana back to Florida.

Colorado’s DEA was cautioned by Miami police about Cuban Nationals moving to Colorado with the aforementioned purpose in mind, The Gazette reports. Anne-Judith Lambert, a spokeswoman for the Florida DEA said that Cubans are being recruited in Florida to move to Colorado.

“It makes sense when you can grow something legally out in the open,” Lambert said. “I would imagine the expense is much less. You don’t have to maintain the secrecy. To maintain the covertness of the operation is expensive.”

Legally Not Safe

Marijuana is a mind altering substance that can dramatically affect one’s life. While the drug itself, used in moderation, may not be that damaging, heavy marijuana use can lead to a number of problems—especially for adolescents. The drug can be habit-forming and potentially lead to dependence. If you are struggling with marijuana or you have an adolescent who is experimenting with marijuana and consider that it is negatively impacting your life, please contact Family Recovery Specialists.

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