Hash Oil, E-Cigarette Mix Could Prompt Family Intervention in Miami

If there is one substance among many that should certainly concern families looking to encourage the best habits in their children to avert the need for appropriately tailored family intervention in Miami, it is hash oil. As a byproduct of marijuana, hash oil is a more than familiar problem substance among the addiction experts at Family Recovery Specialists, and a new report from elsewhere in the country has now drawn attention to a fresh threat: the potential use of hash oil with e-cigarettes.

According to NBC San Diego, hash oil is causing increasing concern among agents at San Diego’s Drug Enforcement Administration Office, with electronic cigarettes becoming an increasing focus. In theory, e-cigarettes should be a source for good when used by teens and young adults who might have otherwise used traditional cigarettes. The liquids with which these battery-powered cigarettes are filled may turn into vapor, but this unfortunately only increases their effectiveness for those attempting to use them to get high.

That’s because, according to the Assistant Special Agent In Charge with the San Diego DEA office quoted in the NBC story, Gary Hill, the way these cigarettes work results in a highly diminished odor. This raises the possibility of parents failing to realize the true extent of the need for some form of family intervention in Miami from a program like Family Recovery Specialists, given the decreased likelihood of even being able to smell the odor on their child. As Mr. Hill warned, “that doesn’t necessarily win money online blackjack mean their kids aren’t using.”

However, the report also quotes a representative of a San Diego electronic cigarette manufacturer as expressing concern, suggesting that the problem isn’t merely being recognized by law enforcement agents. In the words of Christine Gentry, chief operating officer for Vapure, “If it wasn’t made for it, don’t put it in there. You’re dealing with batteries, you’re dealing with heat, potentially if it’s hot enough – flames or fire.” Vapure’s six stores in the county make clear through signage that customers are not permitted to discuss with employees the prospect of using their products with illegal drugs, with persistent enquirers being asked to leave.

The NBC story adds that according to Mr. Hill, people have been discovered utilizing the vaporizers with hash oil, producing a much more intense high than traditional pipe or cigarette smoking could manage. These words should be of concern to any parent looking to avoid the need for family intervention in Miami. Furthermore, with highly volatile Butane gas commonly being used for the extraction of hash oil from marijuana, heightened demand for hash oil can lead to a greater number of fires and explosions at San Diego extraction labs.

It has been claimed by some makers of electronic cigarettes that the thickness of hash oil prevents it working in their products. Despite this, for the parent looking to avert any requirement for family intervention in Miami, the lesson is clear: they need to educate their children to minimize the risk.

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