Florida Drug Rehab: What Services Do Programs Offer?

The term “drug rehab” is used in reference to any type of inpatient or outpatient treatment for addiction to substances such as prescription drugs, alcohol, cocaine and other illegal drugs. However, while these treatment programs can vary greatly, there are common features among the very finest programs for substance abuse treatment in Florida. These include licenses and accreditation, a setting that makes the individual feel welcome and comfortable and the best-qualified and seasoned medical staff and clinicians, together with suitably tailored treatment.

The type of drug rehab that is most suitable for a given person depends greatly on their specific needs, and the right provider of substance abuse treatment in Florida is likely to offer a vast range of customized services. Family Recovery Specialists, for example, provides bio-psycho-social evaluation, an outpatient rehab program, an at-risk program, intervention/placement, concierge crisis and case management, recovery coaching and monitoring and individual and family counseling. The program takes a highly individualized and comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment in Florida, with the individual being assisted by their family to break free from the damaging effects of addiction.

Whichever drug rehab is ultimately chosen, its basic aims are clear. Its primary goals are to assist an addicted person in their detoxification from drugs and alcohol, in addition to identifying the potential underlying contributory factors to the abuse and developing a therapeutic recovery plan. There can be differences in the exact therapies used in drug rehab, depending on the addicted person’s payday loans milwaukee underlying issues. Family Recovery Specialists’ outpatient program can include education, group therapy, family therapy, individual counseling and random drug screening, with all of the program’s participants also encouraged to become involved in community support meetings (AA, NA).

One common feature of the finest evidence-based treatment programs is a refusal to follow fads. The leading providers of substance abuse treatment in Florida follow the science and evidence, continually analyzing their program’s effectiveness and updating it whenever promising findings indicate the success of a given treatment method. Such efforts are all to the end of ensuring the very best chances of success for the client of substance abuse treatment in Florida.

It can be intimidating to make the decision to go to drug rehab, and many people may feel – at least at first – that they can make their own successful efforts to break free from addiction. In truth, such well-intentioned moves can be a mere blip prior to an escalation of their substance abuse problems. With the addiction increasingly controlling their life, it can become much more difficult to truly be there for family and friends. Before long, alcohol and substance abuse can overwhelm all attempts to appear “normal”.

Sadly, many addicts are led to believe that these substances are necessary for them to live. The right substance abuse treatment in Florida can show them that this is not the case, helping to free them from drugs and alcohol to live a healthy life.

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