Facing Addiction: Surgeon General’s Report

We are no strangers to public health crises in the United States; and we have a long history finding solutions to such problems, even if they are not in the form of a cure. Naturally, the crisis we face today, is opioid use disorder, a problem affecting millions of Americans on a scale of epidemic proportions. Yet, despite the best intentions of public health experts and lawmakers alike, the epidemic rages on, taking the lives of nearly 100 American lives daily.

The estimates vary regarding how many people are afflicted by an opioid use disorder, but one thing is certain, only a small percentage of addicts ever receive the treatment that they so desperately require. Without treatment, or access to substance use disorder facilities, prescription opioid and heroin addicts will continue to carry out self-harm and ultimately experience premature death. It is a reality, which sadly, does not need to be, since addiction is just as treatable as any other manageable health problem, such as diabetes. Addiction, just like diabetes, can be deadly without a program of maintenance.

Facing Addiction In America

The U.S. Surgeon General’s office states that “27 million people in the United States reported that they are using illicit drugs or misusing prescription drugs, and nearly a quarter of adults and adolescents reported binge drinking in the past month.”

If you have a loved one who is battling with a health condition of any kind, you would expect that they would receive access to effective methods of care, in a timely manner. With addiction, that simply is not the case. In the new report, it is pointed out that addiction affected 20.8 million people in the United States last year, just as many as those living with diabetes, according to the article. However, only one in 10 people living with addiction receives treatment. Murthy states:

“We would never tolerate a situation where only one in 10 people with cancer or diabetes gets treatment, and yet we do that with substance-abuse disorders.”

A National Summit With The Surgeon General

At Family Recovery Specialists, we hope that you will take some time out of your day to learn more about “Facing Addiction in America: A National Summit with The Surgeon General.” You can find the video below; it is lengthy but there is a lot of good information. (Please Note: Video starts at about 1 minute 36 seconds.)

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Going Forward…Join The Conversation

As the spring season begins, we feel this is the perfect time to join the conversation. Please remember, if you’re experiencing problems starting a conversation about your loved one’s addiction symptoms (including opioids), then please know Family Recovery Specialists’ adolescent and adult substance abuse counselors are available to guide you or your loved one through the intervention process, detoxification services and therapeutic counseling.

Our program consists of education, individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy and random drug screening for all participants. We provide highly individualized and comprehensive services for addiction and recovery and utilize best practices to serve all our clients and families.

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