How Addiction Leads to An Attachment Disorder

Foreshadowing a substance abuse habit is a certain pattern that is all too familiar to many young adults and adolescents receiving the substance abuse treatment in Florida of a program like Family Recovery Specialists, and the parents and guardians that care for them. What begins as anxiety about being around other people at a party may lead to having a few drinks, or those who have too many nerves about talking to the opposite sex who seek to become funny or charming by taking a little speed or cocaine.

Alternatively, the adolescent or young adult may reach for the Librium or Valium for that all-important dinner or job interview. Or if prospective revelers feel too overwhelmed by the idea of going out and making new friends at all, they may stay indoors and get stoned – feeling that there’s greater certainty and control with a relationship with marijuana than with other human beings. It’s becoming increasingly common for many people to attempt to overcome their anxieties and difficulties with interpersonal relationships through a dependence on psychoactive substances.

While many individuals do manage to use the aforementioned substances in ways that do not lead to severely adverse consequences or prolonged harm, other individuals can be much more vulnerable to the development of destructive substance dependencies and addictions. But there is also increasing evidence of prolonged use altering brain functioning, making it more and more difficult over time for those who have begun using substances to control their intake.

Whether the loss of control is rapid or gradual, the consequence is all too often an increasing attachment to use of that substance in place of the proper management of the difficulties that people encounter in their management of interpersonal relationships. Any existing interpersonal skills from prior to the substance use or its early stages can therefore depreciate even further, fueling a greater reliance on substances that perpetuates the cycles of addiction and deterioration.

There is a tendency for substance abusers to move from one compulsive, potentially addictive behavior to another, before eventually being forced to face what truly drives their substance abuse: their own gnawing emptiness and intolerable anxieties. With the assistance of Family Recovery Specialists’ substance abuse treatment in Florida, young adults and adolescents can entirely relinquish their addictions and in so doing, focus on developing genuinely healthy interpersonal relationships.

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