Leslie Gill Joins Family Recovery Specialists

Family Recovery Specialists has always taken great pride in recruiting the most experienced and capable substance abuse counselors in Miami for its highly rated intensive outpatient program, tailored to the requirements of teens and young adults. Now, we are delighted to be able to welcome Leslie Gill to our growing team.

Leslie Gill is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has received intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She is not unfamiliar with catering for teens and adolescents in Miami, as she continues to facilitate the adolescent DBT skills training group at private practice The Counseling Group. She works with not only adolescents, but also adults, individuals and families, and will now be able to assist Family Recovery Specialists in providing our families and clients with the benefits of DBT.

Leslie’s experience set fits in well with our existing substance abuse counselors in Miami, as prior to entering into private practice, she worked in such a role at Here’s Help in the city. Her tenure there saw her working with teenagers and young adults for whom a court mandate required them to receive substance abuse treatment. She provided her young clients with group Cialis Online and individual therapy, concentrating on drug education, relapse prevention and the improvement of coping skills.

Family Recovery Specialists recruited Leslie on the basis of her ability to connect and work comfortably with young people and families, including the most diverse and challenging populations. Her clinical focus has been assisting individuals to deal with depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance abuse, relational issues and emotional dysregulation.

Her time at Family Recovery Specialists has seen her start facilitating a DBT skills training group with us, for the benefit of both patients and their families. Although Family Recovery Specialists can already call upon a wide range of proven treatment approaches, Leslie is able to complement these with such crucial DBT components as validation, mindfulness, distress tolerance and emotion regulation.

Through this uniting of respective approaches, it is hoped that clients will gain greater self-awareness of their emotional experience and develop ways of successfully using these skills in their recovery. We couldn’t be happier to announce Leslie as a member of our team here at Family Recovery Specialists, and will continue working to improve our services so that patients benefit from only the highest standards of evidence-based treatment.

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