FRS Offers Therapeutic Residential Care

“We are delighted to be able to bring quality clinical care in a residential setting for Addiction Treatment to Miami.”

Family Recovery Specialists (FRS) understands that early recovery is a vulnerable time, but with comprehensive support services, accountability and monitoring, the chances of remaining sober increase dramatically. The first year of recovery is the most challenging by far and research shows this is the most common time for relapse.

Therefore, building on our reputation in the “treatment world,” being recognized for offering individuals and families preeminent care beginning with guiding patients through the intervention process and personalizing an intensive outpatient program, now FRS announces therapeutic residential care, our added level of care for 18 and older men and women with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders in an environment fit to support them as they embrace their recovery.


This therapeutic program will offer individuals a safe and therapeutic setting with luxurious accommodations starting December 1, 2015. After many years of servicing local, national and international clients, providing concierge services, outpatient clinical services focusing on treating adolescents, adults and families battling with substance abuse issues, FRS will now be able to offer our clients all levels of care in Miami, Florida.


Clients can look forward to staying a minimum of 30 days. Individuals will be assessed as they move through their treatment program. This assessment will allow the treatment team to determine if a more extended stay of 90 days or longer is advisable. Over the course of their residential care clients will be able to participate in the following treatment features:

Recovery coaches will work with the clients to assist them in reintegrating back into their lives as they conclude their residential care and complete the program.


When a family faces dealing with their loved one’s addiction and/or co-occurring disorder they turn to professionals and others for answers. They may start by meeting with their primary care physician, they may reach out to other family members who have experience with addiction and recovery, and they may reach out to friends and neighbors. They struggle with the stigma of the disease and they fear losing their spouse, parent, sibling or child. They want their loved one to be in a safe place to start the journey of recovery.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (part of the National Institutes of Health) points out that residential care treatment begins the individual’s “resocialization” into a healthy, supportive and productive lifestyle. Residential care, followed by working a program of recovery complemented by a strong aftercare program are recovery tools upon which a person can rely for their ongoing personal health and well being.


If you have additional questions about our residential level of care and how you or your loved one can benefit from this therapeutic program, please do not hesitate to contact FRS.

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