FRS Literature Review Presents At WPA Meeting

Family Recovery Specialists (FRS) Collaborated With Florida International University School Of Medicine

Family Recovery Specialists’ Raymond S. Estefania, MS and Ana M. Moreno, MS collaborated with Luis Carcache, MD and Daniel Castellanos, MD, both of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University, in summarizing the literature review on youth with autism spectrum disorders and substance use.

The review objective: We conducted a limited review of the literature to determine the challenges and types of interventions employed when treating SUD in individuals with ASD. A paucity of literature exists in this area. We thus reviewed three clinical cases. We first looked at the required skills needed for an individual to successfully participate in a substance abuse program. We then looked at the common characteristics seen in individuals with ASD participating in SUD programs and then explored how these might interact with substance abuse program requirements to affect treatment. We suggest possible interventions and highlight the need for further research.

About The World Psychiatric Association’s World Congress Of Psychiatry

Madrid, Spain was the site of the World Psychiatric Association’s (WPA) 16th World Congress of Psychiatry which was held September 14 – 18, 2014. The WPA is made up of a group of national psychiatric societies. The conference is held every three years; this year’s theme“focusing on access, quality and humane care” brought presenters from all over the world featuring a thought-provoking program that explored the latest perspectives, trends and clinical research in global psychiatric care and practice.

FRS And FIU’S Literature Review And Summary Selected As E-Poster For The World Congress Of Psychiatry

As with most conferences, research and reviews can be submitted for presentation in a number of formats: Speaker abstracts, workshops, symposia, oral presentations and posters. Poster sessions are frequently prominent at medical congresses and other scientific conferences. Our collaborative literature review and summary poster was accepted by the WPA for the World Congress of Psychiatry and was presented by Dr. Luis Carcache.

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