Guests Welcome at Luncheon for Mental Health Professionals

The intensive outpatient program Family Recovery Specialists is pleased to invite practitioners and others with an interest in substance abuse treatment in Miami and far beyond to its Networking Luncheon for Mental Health Professionals on Tuesday, June 3rd 2014. Guests are presented with the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues in the behavioral health field, bringing their business cards and practice information to share with the group.

Family Recovery Specialists is not the sole host for the event, which takes place from 12:00pm to 2:30pm at Emilio’s Trattoria on 1088 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands in Florida. Although the outpatient treatment program and consulting practice will certainly be present, giving guests the benefit of its experience and knowhow in meeting the unique needs of families who suffer from addictive disorders, also present will be Red Oak Recovery, Treatment Concepts and Centro Terapeutico Equilibrium.

Red Oak Recovery is a clinically dynamic eco-therapeutic program for the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders for young adults aged between 18 and 30. The program’s team of committed professionals produces long-term recovery for clients through its use of evidence-based practices combined with adventure therapy, delivering excellent clinical care with respect, dignity and compassion to assure positive hgh spray human growth hormone hghfreeinfoexchangenet and lasting change.

Joining these two programs as hosts at the event is the North Miami-based concierge medical billing, managed care and consulting firm Treatment Concepts, which again specializes in behavioral health. Finally, Family Recovery Specialists is also delighted to welcome Centro Terapeutico Equilibrium, the intensive outpatient program for alcohol, drug abuse and codependency for the Spanish speaking community, located in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida. This program believes in taking a motivating and empowering approach so that clients gain the confidence to address their unresolved issues and take charge of their lives.

The event all takes place at Emilio’s Trattoria, the eatery owned by native New Yorker and well-known executive chef of several four-star restaurants, Emilio Di Carlo. South Florida establishments at which he has served as chef and owner, meanwhile, include Paparazzi, Giacosa, Emilio’s Casa Toscana and Cafe Ragazzi. It is just one more element promising to make the luncheon an enjoyable and productive one for all with a connection to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment in Miami.

Prospective guests are advised to RSVP no later than May 30th to Elizabeth Tricoche at 305.775.7885 or [email protected] All of the event’s hosts look forward to seeing you on June 4!

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