Expert Warns Against Marijuana Legalization ‘Misinformation’

How our children use and abuse drugs and alcohol is an issue that rightly concerns us all, especially the families who wish for the best for their offspring and hope for them to be stable, happy and successful in life. At the same time, a marijuana legalization movement is spreading across the country. It is likely to be an issue on which Floridian voters – including many to have put their children through substance abuse intervention in Miami – will decide come the November ballot.

Intervening in this debate is a leading expert in substance abuse intervention in Miami, Family Recovery Specialists Co-Founder Ray Estefania. Mr. Estefania, who is a widely recognized speaker on the subjects of addiction, prevention, parenting and recovery as well as a member of the board of directors of nationally known prevention organization Informed Families, spoke out against what he described as “a lot of confusing misinformation about marijuana”.

The seasoned authority in substance abuse intervention in Miami spoke of “big business with huge dollars at stake”, adding that “those that have a vested interest in marijuana legalization would like us all to believe this is good for our communities and our country but is it good for our kids?” His own answer was an emphatic “no”, as he criticized comments by President Obama in a recent New Yorker magazine article, that he didn’t think marijuana was more dangerous than alcohol, as “factually true” but also “very misleading to many parents and teens that do casino en ligne en belgique not understand the serious implications of marijuana use.”

Mr. Estefania pointed to various findings and statistics to support his stance against marijuana legalization, including suggestions from some studies that there had been a eight to 10-fold increase in marijuana’s potency over the last three decades. The Family Recovery Specialists Co-Founder added that there was a greater potential for addiction – and hence, the need for appropriate substance abuse intervention in Miami – with every increase in the drug’s powerful effects on the brain.

He added that marijuana was not only the cause of the greatest number of adolescent drug treatment admissions in the United States, but was also second only to alcohol as the most commonly abused substance overall. He also drew attention to many of the possible long-term effects of marijuana use, ranging from memory problems and cognitive impairment to issues with attention, concentration and coordination. He continued that those young people abusing marijuana were also at enhanced risk of truancy and school dropout, mental health problems like anxiety and depression and even hospital emergency admissions relating to heavy marijuana use.

Such effects, Mr. Estefania argued, showed that marijuana is far from merely a rite of passage, the same drug that some parents experimented with in their own youth. It is instead a drug that has a devastating impact on young people’s performance  happiness, self-esteem and overall success in life, as he urged parents to “give this issue some very careful consideration before jumping on the marijuana legalization bandwagon.”

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