‘Pot Proofing’ Your Home, Kids to Marijuana

‘Pot Proofing’ Your Home, Kids To Marijuana

Take A Look Around…How Safe Is Your Home?

Take a few minutes and do a quick “safety” inventory of your home.  Would you consider your home safe if a toddler or an aging senior relative came for a visit or even an extended stay?

We all move through the “circle of life” bouncing into early adulthood with a devil may care attitude, eventually we may find ourselves married with a new baby on the way thinking we made a wonderful decision moving into a two story home with a swimming pool. What could be better?

Soon after the baby arrives we find ourselves baby-proofing our home. We also refer to it as child-proofing…but probably a better description might be just safety-proofing. Certainly safety-proofing covers all age groups and home injuries do not discriminate by age.  Any one of any age can tumble down a staircase,  or lose their footing on a beautiful throw rug, fall into a pool, be scalded in a shower, hit a sharp corner on a piece of furniture, touch a hot cooking surface, and, yes, get their hands on a drug (prescription or otherwise) that is not intended for their use.

Have You “Pot Safety-Proofed” Your Home?

This is not a rhetorical question.  Before the age of medical marijuana and the legalization of marijuana use in a variety of states and territories, marijuana was something, that if we possessed it at all, we were duly secretive and careful to minimize the possibility of a child, senior adult or pet accessing it.

But in this new age, it is imperative that we be informed and complete our own due diligence:

Colorful Infographic “Pot-Proofing Kids”

In a recent Addiction Treatment Magazine article “Pot-Proofing Kids” Dr.  David Sack Elements Behavioral Health CEO was featured along with a link to his Los Angeles Times Op-ED.  Addiction Treatment Magazine  article includes a colorful infographic which was created by Elements Behavioral Health as a tool for parents to understand the new accessibility of marijuana, how dangerous it can be, the new potency levels of cannabis, and moving forward with better education.

This Pot-Proofing Kids infographic is a timely tool for all of us to use when we do a home safety walk-thru and inventory. Here are some valuable pointers provided:

  • Between the states who allow for medical marijuana and those states who have legalized marijuana the availability has been increased for children.
  • In states that have decriminalized marijuana emergency calls for accidental ingestion have increased every year by anywhere from 11.5% per year to 30.3% per year.
  • Accidental ingestion can occur as a result of tempting colorful packaging of items like candy bars, cookies, gummy candies and lollipops.
  • Both Colorado and Washington have put in place packaging rules to help avoid accidental ingestion.
  • Education is the key to pot-proofing kids

New Study Examines The Health Risk Of Cannabis

This past month the results of a 20 years study were published in the journal Addiction: “What has research over the past two decades revealed about the adverse health effects of recreations cannabis use?”

Global News reported on the study’s results:

  • Regular use of the drug by teens impairs intellectual development
  • Regular use doubles the risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

Some Final Thoughts…

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