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EDM Festivals And The Dangers Of Molly

Every year, events known as electronic dance music (EDM) festivals occur throughout the country. EDM festivals are essentially giant raves attended mainly by teenagers and young adults. Such events are notoriously associated with the use of hallucinogenic and designer drugs, like acid or MDMA. These types of festivals usually occur over the course of entire […]

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DXM Cough Syrup Law In Florida

With the New Year under way, we hope that everyone working a program of addiction recovery made it through the holiday (one that is typified by heavy alcohol consumption) without relapsing on drugs and/or alcohol. At Family Recovery Specialists, we understand the difficulties that come with navigating the dangerous waters of the holiday season. Those […]

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How the CRAFT Approach Could Aid in Recovery

When most people think of addiction recovery, they commonly think of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), et al. Historically, people have had the greatest success in achieving long term recovery through the 12-Step modality; millions of people have learned how to live a fulfilling and productive life, free from drugs and […]

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Colorado Cannabis To Florida Shores

November is right around the corner, roughly four months away; marijuana is on the mind of a number of Americans—especially in states poised to vote on both recreational and medical marijuana legislation. There are now 25 states and the District of Columbia with medical cannabis programs and four states where it is legal for adults […]

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College Mental Health Service

The Fall school semester is here or approaching quickly, no matter which state you reside. For some teenagers and young adults, it will be the beginning of their first year in college. Being accepted and attending college is no small feat, and it is an accomplishment worth being proud of. However, it goes without saying […]

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