The Role Of Dialectical Behavior Therapy In Substance Abuse Treatment In Florida

As a leading provider of substance abuse treatment in Florida, Family Recovery Specialists adopts a variety of approaches to assist adolescents and adults away from the damaging spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. One such approach is dialectical behavior therapy, an enhancement to cognitive-behavioral therapy that was developed by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan in the late 1980s.

Although still relatively new compared to many other treatment forms, dialectical behavior therapy has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of mental disorders and substance abuse. Indeed, a great emphasis in dialectical behavior therapy is on the therapist talking not at the individual, but to them. It is about engaging the patient so that they make more appropriate, healthier choices in response to a variety of situations.

Dialectical behavior therapy is built on the theory that in certain relationships, like those of a friendly, family and romantic nature, some people have accelerated arousal levels. Not only do such individuals experience much greater emotional stimulation, but it takes longer for them to return to standard arousal levels. This leads to pronounced emotional mood swings. Dialectical behavior therapy is invaluable in substance abuse treatment in Florida, due to the help that it provides to individuals lacking the coping skills to cope with wild changes Xanax in emotion.

Through dialectical behavior therapy, adolescents and adults presently abusing substances can learn how to identify and build on their existing strengths. Through a combination of role-play, practice skills and home assignments, the therapy teaches patients how to identify the thoughts, expectations and beliefs that are presently compromising how they live their lives, so that they can solve problems for themselves. In the case of substance abuse disorders, this means the encouragement of abstinence to prevent relapse, in which the therapy has been very successful.

This therapy is not merely helpful in the direct treatment of substance abuse, but also in tackling the severe disorders – like borderline personality disorder – that can occur alongside it. It is through dialectical behavior therapy that both change and acceptance are taught. Elements of an individual’s past are evoked and recreated to zoom in on how the addiction originated and make befitting changes. The therapy helps people to build their self-confidence and more effectively handle stressful situations.

Most importantly of all, dialectical behavior therapy also helps individuals to develop their assertiveness and be more confident in saying no when it is appropriate to do so. All of these factors make the therapy an increasingly integral part of substance abuse treatment in Florida.

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