SMART Recovery Teaches Self-Empowerment in Overcoming Addiction

Recovering from addiction is no easy task and requires hard work in a number of areas. There are currently a number of schools of thought for achieving recovery, and research shows that not everyone responds to addiction recovery programs in the same way. What works for one, may not work for another. While the most common method is 12-step recovery, over the last several years many have begun using SMART Recovery techniques.

SMART Recovery uses a self-empowering approach to achieve recovery from addiction. It is based in science and cognitive behavioral therapy and teaches techniques for self-directed change. It differs from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step groups, but is a complementary approach and can be utilized in conjunction with these other supports. It is not uncommon to hear about clients that utilize both SMART and the 12-step programs in order to recover.

SMART Recovery implements a 4-Point Program which gives participants tools and techniques which help people recover from addiction:

  • Building and Maintaining Motivation
  • Coping with Urges
  • Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
  • Living a Balanced Life

SMART offers face-to-face meetings, online support group meetings, chat rooms and other tools to support the individual in early recovery. For more information on SMART, please visit here.

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