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The Role Of Dialectical Behavior Therapy In Substance Abuse Treatment In Florida

As a leading provider of substance abuse treatment in Florida, Family Recovery Specialists adopts a variety of approaches to assist adolescents and adults away from the damaging spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. One such approach is dialectical behavior therapy, an enhancement to cognitive-behavioral therapy that was developed by psychologist Marsha M. Linehan in the […]

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The Real Damage Caused By Marijuana Legalization

For all of the extremely well-documented adverse effects of substance abuse and addiction, necessitating the drug abuse treatment in Florida of intensive outpatient programs like Family Recovery Specialists, it would seem that marijuana is becoming increasingly mainstream. When Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed an amendment officially legalizing marijuana in his state, Jimmy Fallon joked that […]

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PTSD Awareness And Recovery

People who experience traumatic events are often times deeply scarred by the experience, sometimes being affected by the trauma for years. When people think of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) thoughts of battle hardened veterans usually come to mind. While it is fair to say that the majority of cases in the United States are […]

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Pill Mill Legislation Affects Heroin Use

Not too long ago, if an addict was having trouble getting prescription opioids in the state where they resided, they would travel to Florida to take advantage of what are known as “pill mills” – pain management clinics that would prescribe opioids with little oversight – veritable one-stop-shopping centers that prescribed and dispensed pills onsite. […]

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Are You A Parent With Concerns About Your Teenager Or Young Adult?

As a leading intensive outpatient program, Family Recovery Specialists receives many enquiries from parents with concerns about their teenager or young adult, to the extent of considering intervention and therapeutic counseling. Now, the program invites those parents to an emotional support group to help to address concerns relating to alcohol or drug experimentation, cyber safety, […]

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