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Opioid Overdose Deaths On The Rise

All over the country, law enforcement and public officials are scrambling to address the startling rates of opioid overdose deaths. After years of overprescribing and the subsequent scourge of heroin use, the need for action is crucial to stem the insidious tide of opioid addiction. Last month, a study was released which found that a […]

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Miami-Dade Opioid Addiction Task Force

A few weeks ago we were pleased to report the annual Monitoring the Future survey showed a dramatic reduction in teenage prescription opioid use. Clear evidence that adolescents are getting the message about the dangers of opioid narcotic use. Unfortunately, when it comes to adults, people are still losing their lives every day at unprecedented […]

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NaCoA Awareness Year Round

Addiction is a family disease. A simple statement that can have different meanings depending on who you ask. On the one hand, your loved one’s addiction ripples through the lives of the entire family. Those who are successful in achieving long-term recovery typically have families that learn how to be supportive in a way that […]

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MTF Survey: Teenage Drug Use Declines

We need not look any further than the devastating impact opioid addiction has had in the United States, to understand the continued need for educating young people about the dangers of substance use and abuse. Thousands of people who went to the doctor for pain, who were in-turn treated with opioids—are now fighting heroin addiction […]

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Mental Illness And Early Intervention

With the Christmas holiday approaching, many parents are excited to have their children back home from college. For most parents, the last four months has been the longest period away from their child. While this coming weekend will be packed with joy for countless families across the country, for others it may be a different […]

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