Miramar is a city located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in sunny Broward County. The most recent census shows that it holds a population of 122,041 and that it’s the principal city of the Miami metropolitan area. The town was incorporated on May 26th, 1955, and its name translates to “look at the sea.” At that time, there were fewer than 200 people in the area, but that number continues to grow as people migrate to South Florida.

Miramar’s crown jewel is its golf courses and elaborate mansions. The area boasts natural beauty, which is alluring to those who visit the city. You can also find museums and Everglades National Park, which allows you to sink deep into nature and catch a glimpse of wildlife. Despite its natural beauty, it holds a secret and has its fair share of substance use and addiction. As you might expect with the rest of Florida, the opioid crisis has hit Miramar hard.

Florida is a state that sees a high traffic flow of drugs entering the country because of its location at major ports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our site aims to provide information about drug rehab in Miramar and the scope of drug use in the region.

Miramar Drug Rehab Statistics

In nearby Fort Lauderdale, medical examiners reported the powerful synthetic opioid known as fentanyl was present in 154 deaths in 2016. In that same area, heroin contributed to another 180 deaths. Prescription opioids such as morphine, hydrocodone, and oxycodone were also present in fatal overdoses. As of 2017, Florida doctors wrote more opioid prescriptions than the national average at 60.9 per every 100 persons.

Potent stimulant drugs like meth and cocaine continue to affect the community as well, and cocaine was found in 328 overdose deaths near Fort Lauderdale. The state of Florida saw 2,822 cocaine deaths in total.

Most Commonly Abused Substances In Miramar

Although opioids pose a clear threat nationwide, Broward County continues to struggle with high rates of abuse and addiction. A report released in 2016 highlighted substance abuse patterns in the area and found that a third of people admitted to rehab facilities cited alcohol as their drug of choice.

Other common drugs in Miramar include cocaine, amphetamines, meth, opioids, inhalants, and marijuana.

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

Florida has struggled with drug abuse for quite some time, but the state has also implemented necessary measures to fight it.

The Florida Designer Drugs Enforcement Act was passed unanimously in 2016 and went into effect that July.

Another law put into place allowed residents to get access to the prescription medication, naloxone, which reverses opioid overdoses.

Legislation and law enforcement also shifted their attention to “pill mills” that were giving out opioid prescriptions with no oversight.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a complex disease that requires complicated solutions. The treatment facility you enter must address more than substance abuse. Psychological, physical, and social issues may contribute to relapse when ignored, and a treatment plan must be personalized to solve the unique problems associated with addiction.

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