We’ve helped thousands of people recover from drug and alcohol addiction and create a better life. The best part of our job is seeing our clients turn into proud alumni. Every person has a unique journey and a unique story to tell. This is your chance to hear what they think about their Delphi experience, in their own words. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, give us a call at 855-271-0283.


The Stigma of Addiction

Rick E. is an alumnus from Family Recovery Secialists, a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. This is his recovery story. Rick originally thought his family was the problem.

He lived in denial because in his mind, he did not fit the stereotype of someone battling addiction. The stigma of addiction causes many people to think they don’t have a substance abuse problem. In result, many people do not seek professional help because they don’t think they need it. “I came here initially for my son, and I wound up taking care of myself. I found hope here.

I found the pathway to sobriety here,” Rick says.

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